About NIB

National Investment Bank (NIB) is Ghana’s first development bank. It was established in 1963 primarily to promote rapid industrialization in all sectors of Ghanaian economy. National Investment Bank, normally abbreviated to NIB, is a state owned commercial bank in Ghana. It is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Bank of Ghana, the national banking regulator.

With over 52 branches nationwide and at least one branch in every regional administrative capital in Ghana, the National Investment Bank remains a major financial force behind major developmental projects in manufacturing, mining, energy , trade and export businesses in Ghana.

NIB is an official banking partner for Cloud Africa and its FastCash Africa project to serve the needs of Ghanaians both in the country and those living across the diaspora. The joint venture is targeted to offer a plethora of online services including mobile money transfer. This is to strengthen its status as a world class bank focusing on development and commercial banking activities in line with FinTech innovations that Cloud Africa is developing for its client and partner.

We are dedicated to providing a superior mobile banking service for our clients and customers across Africa while driving financial inclusion among the unbanked across the continent. Fastcash is a mobile first full banking suite developed to improve the lives of millions of Africans.

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